Fun with Evolution Filters

I've fixed up a couple of things in Evolution that have been irritating me for a while using filters to pipe the messages through external apps.

New message notification

I've wanted to have popup notifications when I get new messages, so I wrote a little Python script that parses the message and displays a summary using Galago:



  • Download Ka-Ping's library to somewhere on your PYTHONPATH (usually /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages; change the version number if necessary)
  • Download and make it executable (chmod a+x
  • Add your Evolution filter (use Browse to pick the file if it's not on your PATH):


Working spam filtering

Spam filtering in Evolution used to work, but in recent versions I have not seen it catch a single spam. At first it seemed like this was due to not having SpamAssassin installed. After installing that it starts the spamd process and thinks for a little bit when I try to mark messages as junk, but still nothing gets caught.

So, I gave up on the built-in filtering and set up an Evolution filter using Bogofilter:


Unfortunately Evolution doesn't provide a way to just specify a program to run when you click the Junk and Not Junk buttons, so I'm using Spam Trainer to train Bogofilter. You can drag messages from Evolution into Spam Trainer to mark them as "spam" or "ham".

Set your Spam Trainer preferences to use the Bogofilter program: