Trac 0.9

It's been nearly a year since 0.8 was released, but after resolving over 400 tickets, some major refactoring, and adding plugin support Trac 0.9 is finally available, so get downloading!

Once you've upgraded you'll probably want to check out some plugins:

  • WebAdmin Everyone will probably want to install this. It adds a web interface for those administrative tasks you used to use trac-admin for, plus you can even use it to install new plugins, or manage which components are enabled from your existing plugins.
  • Bitten Bitten is a "Continuous Integration" build server. It monitors your code repository for updates and will automatically run build and testing scripts to make sure you know when a build was broken. You can run your builds on multiple target platforms and generate historical graphs of unit test results and code coverage.
  • LDAP Plugin I haven't tried this one out yet, but it should be useful for administrators that use LDAP to authenticate users, since it now also allows you to manage permissions based on LDAP groups, or even store Trac permission information directly in LDAP.
  • Account Manager This is one that I wrote that allows users to register a new account. It currently supports htpasswd or htdigest files, but it is extensible for storing accounts in other formats.
  • Trac Hacks Trac Hacks is a site that offers hosting for Trac extensions and will be a good place to look for new plugins, since hopefully the development interest will grow now that the new release has been made final.