Today at PyCon I went to the talk on the Roundup Issue Tracker to see what I could learn from them for use in Trac.

One thing that I realized would be good is to add a QuickStart document for getting the built-in tracd up and running with minimal configuration. As the Trac user base is growing, the installation questions are growing. I think that there are still going to be a lot of people who want to use Trac via Apache. However, I think that if people can get tracd up and running quickly there will be less people that get stuck with nothing running. This should give them a chance to play with Trac a bit, rather than getting hung up on the Apache config right at the beginning and asking a bunch of questions that they'd figure out on their own in a minute if they had a running Trac server.

The feature of Roundup that seemed interesting is their use of email for issue reporting and discussion. This has been requested in Trac several times, but I haven't yet seen a good proposal on the format these emails should have. I liked that Roundup would use the CC list on emails to add new people to the so-called "nosy" list that is notified of changes.

Roundup also supports hook scripts similar to the idea I proposed on the Trac mailing list. I think that this would be a nice way to provide extension points for customizing the Trac event model.

During the talk I had decided I wasn't going to bring up Trac, since I didn't really want to come across as rude by promoting a competing application. However, during the Q&A time following the talk someone asked about Subversion integration. Richard (Rick?) indicated that he thought you could write some shell scripts, etc. to tie the two together, but didn't have a really good answer. So, of course at that point I had to put in a little plug for Trac. Some of the Mac people were taking notes on SubEthaEdit and put the site URL up on there, so I'm hoping some people will check it out.

Best quote of the conference:

When all you have is a hammer screws are stupid